Basketball at Dubai Sports World


Dubai during the summer can be compared to a burning furnace and going outdoors is not an option. So what do people who play sports do, one might choose to play at night but the humidity still prevails and the court can quickly turn into a sauna. That leaves us with only one solution playing indoors.

The opening of Dubai Sports World for many ballers around the UAE is much anticipated every year it gives people a chance to play some pick-up ball indoors with the glorious air-conditioning.


95 per hour – non-peak hours (before 5pm)

145 per hour – peak hours (after 5pm)

Number of courts: 6 Full court basketball courts

Booking system: online through credit card

Cash can be paid in person


The quality of rims and floor are of high quality with glass-fiber boards and rubber floors. There are many basketball recreational leagues that Sports World hosts such as Peba, Jazzville and skywalker academies for kids. On behalf of all ballers and sports lovers around the country we talk the Dubai Sports Council for continuing to provide us with facilities like these.

For those of you looking to improve your game in the off season here’s a workout regime to follow:

Dribbling Workout:

Around the head/ waist/ legs – 1 min

Fingertips Bounces high and low – 1 min

Figure 8s – 1 min

Walking Figure 8s – up and down the court

Crossover Dribbles – up and down the court

In and out Dribbles – up and down the court

Behind the back – up and down the court

Between the legs – up and down the court

Reverse between the legs – up and down the court

Shooting Workout:


Layups both sides 10 makes with each hand ( 20 layups each side)

Reverse layups both sides 10 makes with each hand ( 20 layups each side)

Stationary Floaters 10 makes with hand hand (20 floaters)

Midrange shooting:

5 makes each direction for each move

• Behind Back

• Between legs

• Two times behind back crossover

Spot Up Threes

7 spots 3 makes from each spot