Nike Jordan CP3.X


Jordan CP3.X is a shoe that has many commendable elements, but the presence of one bad element ruins it all for this otherwise excellent court shoe. Here’s an honest view on what’s what:


Nike Jordan CP3.X Sole

The CP3.X offers standard traction. It uses a wave design in the middle of the shoe. The patter on the back is similar to the one present on the upper, and therefore offers uniformity in design. The shoe has thick groves that do not collect dust. They also increase the durability of the design.

Although CP3.X offers excellent grip with its sole, there are still better options in the market for people, who like to play outdoors. It cannot compete with a shoe that has a sole made from XDR rubber. The traction of this product is so moderate that you cannot select it based on its firmness on the ground.


Nike Jordan CP3.X Cushion

The low quality cushioning of CP3.X model is its real downfall. The shoe uses the same Zoom unit, which is installed in the earlier models. It is not comfortable, especially in the forefoot area and does not provide the required level of cushioning for a person with average weight.

The Zoom unit is built using small pods that remain hard on initial use. They do get better as the shoes take some wear and tear, but never reach the compression available in most of the top shoes in the market. The installed cushioning provides the feel of playing on the court, but the imbalance caused by the smaller cushioning units really ruins the experience.

You can only like its stiff cushion system, if you are really heavy. We believe that Jordan brand really needs to improve this system and come up with a better innovation for the next year. Otherwise, low cushioning will remain the Achilles heel for this series.


Nike Jordan CP3.X Materials

Now, we discuss a truly winning element. The materials used in this model are truly wonderful. The top design that looks like plastic in the pictures, in fact, is made from malleable rubber. This helps in allowing your foot to fully flex, yet remain firmly placed within the shoe. It has a wave pattern and is fully tied with the design on the outsole of the model.

The upper houses an excellent weave that just looks amazing. It is made from soft fibers and offers excellent support. It is wonderfully designed and works perfectly out of the box.


Nike Jordan CP3.X Fit and Support

The use of rubber and the woven upper, both provide excellent support. The Jordan CP3.X offers excellent grip, especially during lateral maneuvers such as cutting to the basket. It has excellent grip, but does not impede forward movement.

CP3.X uses the Flywire lacing system. It uses a complex solution that is connected to the shoe tongue as well. The laces hold the feet tightly, but still offer a comfortable fit. The lacing installed to a v-shape design and is an aesthetic beauty. We found the supporting elements to be amongst the best that are available in the market.

The Jordan CP3.X offers perfect sizes. For people who love tight fitting shoes, it is better to buy CP3’s, which are a half size shorter. The upper portion combines with the outsole rubber to provide a perfect fit for your feet. The lacing system ensures that your feet always remain on the floor.