Nike Kobe 10 Review


Nike Kobe 10 Sole – 8.8/10

The Nike Kobe 10 features a fresh type of traction material and pattern. Nike calls this its most effective traction structure to date that features tiny nodules quite similar to the threads of tires on a race car that grip the floor extremely well.

On clean surfaces you’ll feel that grip almost immediately and they perform exceptionally well. We have tried them on dusty courts too and they still did a decent job. In terms of wiping, virtually minimum is required and we didn’t really notice any slipping or sliding.

On outdoor courts however, we don’t think this is the best option as the rubber is quite thin and could burn out relatively fast depending on each person’s unique style of play. Other than that, it’s great traction all the way.

Nike Kobe 10 Cushion – 9.4/10

The Nike Kobe 10 features a hybrid cushioning system that combines ZOOM Air units in the heel and LUNARLON in the forefoot. Right out of the box they felt extremely comfortable and soft on the forefoot. We are not certain if that was due to LUNARLON or the ortho insoles.

The ZOOM Air unit in the heel feels really good and provides exceptional impact protection with added stability. On court, the cushioning was great and it provided a comfortable experience all the way. If you liked the LUNARLON setup from the Nike Kobe 8 and Nike Kobe 9 then you’ll definitely love this one too.

We do however feel like the Nike Kobe 8 and 9 had a bit more bounce, but this still performed well. We had zero complaints on every run. We absolutely enjoyed the setup of the zoom air unit in the heel as we felt that it gave us more stability upon landing.

Nike Kobe 10 Materials – 8.7/10

Coming from mesh the past two editions, we were hoping they would not change the type of material for the Nike Kobe 10. The open weave material featured on the upper just felt like fuse that did add additional structure and support overall.

The shoe however is not restrictive, how it could give you some awkward folding up in the front and may cause some pinching on some areas of your foot.

Overall there was nothing really bad with the materials. Some just like the structure that fuse provides whereas some just like the mesh uppers.

Nike Kobe 10 Fit – 9.0/10

They fit of the Nike Kobe 10 is true to size. Lockdown was amazing as well. From the heel to the midfoot and the forefoot, everything just felt extremely well contained.

The tongue is decently padded so if you want to lace up tight you won’t have any problem with pain around your ankles.

The upper is engineered with what Nike calls a new open weave textile, however, it really feels like is fuse. Perhaps a little bit softer but it still feels like fuse.

Nike Kobe 10 Support – 9.0/10

You get a tonne of support from the Nike Kobe 10 and we always felt secure during each run. The heel counter as well as the midfoot area really works well to keep your foot locked in at all times which is all you can ask for.

Structure is added from the fuse upper as it keeps your foot in place and it barely restricts movement.

The zoom air unit on the heel combined with the see-thru rubber casing on the outsole provides exceptional stability which we really enjoyed on this shoe. We always felt that we got solid foundation and landed correctly which is something that every basketball player should require when hooping in a low top shoe.