The Foundation Of The Human Body


The fitness industry in today’s day and age has placed heavy importance on isolation training as a stepping-stone towards building strength. Just walk into any gym today and you will see isolation training at it’s finest, which involves people crowding around machines like the Leg Press. If you really give the subject of Bodybuilding much thought you would probably realize it couldn’t be transferred into the real world. The reasoning may be because when push comes to shove and you’re in a situation that demands the body to move in unique ways all this isolation crap would never work.

Since the turn of the century isolation training has made it appearance at the forefront of the fitness industry, largely because of its association with Bodybuilding and aesthetics. While training for aesthetics may be on everyone’s agenda in the gym, its lasting effect on the human body is significant. Truthfully speaking training in this manner actually reverse-engineers the purpose of the human body. This may be because the human body was designed ideally to run and move in unique patterns not for ‘shredded’ abs and achieving 8% body fat. However, mankind has moved further and further away from the underlining truth of reality, which is that our fascination with questions like “What is the most important muscle in the human body?” and how do I increase the size of my biceps? Will result in diminishing the true value of the human body.

The truth is that there is no significant muscle in the human body that takes importance. The human body was designed to move as a whole and not in pieces. As a result peoples mindset towards training should be changed. In my opinion the most underrated concept that exists in the fitness industry is the philosophy of compound exercises. This may be because whether we know it or not strength is ideally the foundation of the human body. While there are other components that make up the overall movement of the human body like Flexibility and mobility, strength resides above them all.

Take a new born baby for example, a few weeks after the baby has been born it begins to move it’s body around slowly. Overtime as it grows older it begins to start crawling, standing up while holding an object and eventually they start walking. So what is the catalyst to all this mobility?

It is strength. This is the foundation of the human body that enables us to move and function effectively on a day-to-day basis. Depending from person to person the level of strength will vary and over time it will determine how healthy you are. So in order to improve your health we get told to start working out and lifting weights. This is actually wrong. I explained earlier why isolation techniques won’t help in the real world. Weight training does help improve strength but isolation techniques will only worsen the situation. The answer is compound exercises. These types of exercises utilize every inch of the human body and work every muscle in the human body. Such exercises include Pushups, Pull-ups, Squats, Dips and Planks.