Minimalistic Training


We live in a society today where people are mislead and misguided by fitness “experts” who claim to have the perfect training program that will provide you with the physique of your dreams. But we all know it’s nothing but bullshit.
As a human living in a society which is dominated by information overload it becomes tough and we tend to forget to connect with our own logic and intuition. Training programs such as “Be fit in 21 days” or “5 minute abs” prove that as time has progressed the amount of physical activity needed to be functionally fit for a certain activity has gown down. Along with that the amount of machines and training equipment has considerably increased. Equipment like exercise belt’s and on the nutrition aspect the need for protein shakes has increased.
But, what if i told you that all you ever needed to be functionally fit was the human body. The only training equipment you will ever need is a pull-up/dip bar and a jump rope.
It’s time to return to minimalistic training !
What is minimalistic training ?
Minimalistic training is a term used to describe a scenario where an athlete keeps the Machines and the fancy equipment in the training program to a minimum. So that means say goodbye to all the treadmills and exercise belts that are part of the mainstream fitness trend.
When it comes to the kind of equipment we use like treadmills or isolation abdominal machines that are marketed as the ideal one to give you the 6 pack of dreams. But really do ask yourself this, is it worth it or are we humans just falling deeper and deeper into corporate bureaucracy, which takes the human element out of your training as the machines are doing everything.
The popular mainstream fitness trend has dictated that it is very important to hop on the cardio machines and get your heart rate up which is the ideal way to lose weight. But what if i could tell you that you don’t need to step on another machine and still lose weight ?
When performing exercises with external weights the athlete is moving less amount of bodyweight depending on the exercise as a result there is not much movement in the body. Hence, the need for cardio. Now compare this to Calisthenics exercises that require the entire body to move as one unit and there is heavy emphasis on muscle coordination to perform the exercise with the correct form. With calisthenic based exercises there is no need for cardio because the heavy movement in the physique.
This not only raises the heart rate up to great levels it also provides a great tool to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Now the best piece of equipment that i can recommend that fits this description is jump rope. This is the one exercise that has been performed by every elite athlete the world has ever seen.
Since, Calisthenic exercises emphasize on immense pushing movement, there is a big need for a pull-up bar. This is another piece of equipment that has sculpted some of the best physiques in the world. Another concern is the use of gloves during training.
In my experience, the use of gloves is used to prevent calluses from occurring in the hands. However, using gloves only gets in the way because it will disrupt your grip strength and the hand to muscle coordination from performing the exercise fluently. So the use of gloves becomes redundant as it disrupts growth of the human body.
Under the minimalistic training umbrella, there is also the need to keep the training program to a minimum. Hence, only those compound exercises are employed that provide the best development to the human body.
These exercises are
  • Pushup
  • Pull-up
  • Squat
  • Dips
  • Planks
  • Bridges
In addition LSD Running is something i would highly recommend. It’s called Long Slow Distance running which involves the athlete covering more distance but at a shorter pace. The benefits of this type of training highly improves endurance and maximizes cardio vascular function. That’s all you will ever need to get in shape, improve performance in a sport or sculpt the physique of your dreams.