Skechers Go RUN 4 Review


Overtime, Skechers became a brand, that became synonymous for producing running shoes, and we have to admit that they have engineered one of the most exceptional running shoes in the form of GOrun 4.

Skechers have certainly improved their product this year and have made them a little heavier than the previous model. They have installed a knitted upper which provides the feel of a sock. It also offers excellent breathing and provides comfort as the primary advantage.

The Skechers Go Run 4 is still very light and prepared with a functional upper design. The shoe offers the 4mm heel drop as found in the previous models and the M-strike technology is implemented in the midsole in order to allow people to use the midfoot striking steps.

Skechers GO Run 4 Cushion & Sole

Skechers has used Resalyte, which is a trademark foam product of the company. It allows the shoe to be responsive and firm, yet remain lightweight. It truly offers the required firmness for those long training runs. The sole of this year’s shoe though, looks to be marginally softer than the previous year’s model.

The thin midsole is the reason behind the great feel of this product. It allows you to get the feedback from your feet and therefore, change your running style according to the surface. This means that it acts as a neutral runner.

This function is helped, in fact, by the use of the M-strike technology. This in fact is supported by EVA foam which covers a great portion of the outsole of Skechers Go Run 4.

The midfoot section is excellently padded, allowing you to land on the midfoot. This decreases the impact and allows you to run over longer distances without stiffening up your feet. The M-strike pads improve the ride, but still ensure that the shoe allows the flexing of the foot.

The outsole is generally created from the same foam, employed in the mid region. This means that once eroded, the midsole can quickly deteriorate over time.

Rubber sections are attached to the outsole, but they are small and therefore, can quickly wear out during normal use.

Serious buyers need to understand, that the lightweight of Skechers Go Run 4 is based on the absence of additional supporting elements. If you want to use a really light runner, then you have to trade off some other characteristics. Durability is one element that loses out here.


The Skechers Go Run 4 is one of the most comfortable shoes available in the market. The upper of this shoe is created from a knit material that also takes part in increasing the comfort. Thankfully, it seems thicker and therefore, more durable than the previous models of the series.

The upper feels just like a sock. It is created from stretchable material and allows your feet to breathe. The upper meets the midfoot and provides room for the toes. It has a thin tongue that covers the top of the foot with ease.

The Skechers Go Run 4 has elastic laces. This allows them to offer comfort, even when they are put under pressure during running. They stretch and ensure that you remain comfortable.

The heel has a hole in it, which allows people to wear it easily. The upper does not pressurize at all and is comparable to the Nike Free in this matter. The shoes are susceptible to wear and tear though, when used consistently.


The Skechers Go Run 4 is an excellent shoe in its class, because it offers a balance of comfort and cushioning. The upper though, does not offer ankle support and only holds the top part of the foot.

It is created from materials that are so soft, that it feels that your foot is required to hold the shoe together. It offers a stiff ride, but provides the required feel when you are looking for running less than half marathon distances.

It has a thin midsole which can become uncomfortable if you aim to run and practice for marathons. It is perfect though for people who want to run fast over a short distance.

With its lower cost when compared to its competitors, we recommend this shoe to anyone who is looking for a middle distance running shoe.