Skechers GoMEB Strada 2 Review




The Skechers GoMeb Strada 2 was recently updated with new features that transform the shoe exceptionally into one, which every runner wishes for. Despite the updated changes the original features that made its predecessor famous have been retained.

The stack heights along with the 8mm drop remain the same as the shoe features Sketchers trademark M-strike technology and Resalyte cushioning. This has been done in an effort to benefit midfoot strikes, which is excellent for a runner.

Compared to their predecessor this shoe is almost an ounce lighter. The Strada 2 is a relatively lightweight shoe based on the cushioning offered.

Nonetheless it is still heavier and contains a more structured outlook compared to Sketchers other offerings. When I wore The GoMeb Strada for the first time my legs feet really comfortable despite the fact I was using this shoe for a post-workout recovery run. During the run, the shoe allowed for greater movement with every stride. The shoe operates well on the road along with other natural surfaces.

It’s safe to say that the Strada 2 is a fair-minded performance shoe, based on my runs. I have enjoyed faster runs, particularly those on fartlek-style runs. I wouldn’t use this shoe for speed or race pace runs, as there is a little more shoe underfoot than I typically prefer. I would appreciate the Strada more on recovery and longer runs.

The Strada 2 is created with the Sketchers Resagrip outsole that delivers stability and traction. This leads to greater movement under the big toe and other areas of the foot where the contact with the ground occurs.

The Resalyte midsole cushioning system is the same from the other shoe, thus allowing for a comfortable ride without being impartial to responsiveness. Despite they’re being no blown rubber being featured on the outsole, the shoe has been created well.

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The Strada’s upper has been created without the overuse of plastic that was heavily featured on the first edition of the shoe. This major improvement benefits the runner as it boosts breathability and flexibility.  However, the tongue is well padded and may stand to lose some quantity. The toe box has been designed differently than the original version. If the runner has smaller toes than they are at a mechanical disadvantage, as it will come into contact more frequently with the sidewall of the toebox. Despite this setback I experienced minor discomforts with my runs.

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The GoMeb Strada 2 has been created for longer runs on the road where the greater movement in each stride allows the runner to keep their legs fresh with every mile.

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