Want to Be Like Kohli & Dhoni? Then Eat Like Them!


The two names that stand out in today’s era of cricket in India are Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. These living legends have not just taken cricket to another level in India, but are also redefining how the entire world is viewing the Indian Cricket Team.

They were not overnight success stories, in fact they spent hours, days, months and years honing their skills and bringing a new standard of fitness excellence to the team.

At just 35 years old, MS Dhoni is just as fit as any 18 year old running between wickets making it seem quite effortless whilst Virat Kohli is being commended as having a fitness level that is on par with Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

The Importance of Diet

However, the fitness levels of any individual is only as good as their diet and Kohli and Dhoni are prime examples of this. In fact, just in case you were wondering what these superstars were eating, here is a quick sample.

Virat Kohil

According to multiple web portals, Virat loves his salads for fibre and fish and lamb for protein. If he were to indulge in something a bit unhealthy, he would spend even more time in the gym doing either cardio or weight training to burn off the additional calories and fat

MS Dhoni

Dhoni believes to keep it simple. He just sticks to his humble chapatis, dal and chicken for lunch as well and dinner and opts for fruits, nuts or cereal for breakfast.

The diet is the most important attribute when achieving health, fitness and athletic goals and if you want to be the best, you got to eat like the best.